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Metabolic Typing Diet

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

“Hi Gunilla,

I just want to let you know how impressed I am about the metabolic type nutritional programme. It is what I was looking for years………………… A diet which exactly fits to MY body’s needs.

I always knew I have to eat meat and I have now the confirmation as my metabolic type is balanced and the fantastic thing is that I know exactly which proportion.

Before, I was eating more vegetables than meat and now that I take the right percentage of meat (40 %) and only 35 % of carbohydrates, I feel much better than before, much more fullfilled, more happy with the food.

Also, I don’t have cravings anymore for chocolate, cakes or ice-creams as I really enjoy my food: it makes my body and my mind happy and I am not looking for any other food like desserts or else.

The first things I have noticed after only a few “proper” meals, is that my body temperature increased. Before, I was always cold, and now I am surprised myself that I could open the window in the car or take off one of my jumpers as others don’t seem to be too hot.

Also, my kidneys which were always weak each time, Gunilla checked them were very ok last time she checked them.

I also lost weight and experienced that, in my case, fruits make me gain more fat than the fat itself and I enjoy to put large amount of fat in my food : creme fraiche, butter, olive oil or coconut fat.

I look much younger than before and my body is not heavy anymore, I am free of pain and feel light and fantastic.

I really have the feeling, my body found AT LAST, the right balance.

I read so much about nutrition, always trying a new diet to be more healthy. I am happy that I found now what I was looking for, no more wasting time in researches and investigations!

I started this nutritional programme 2 weeks ago only, so, I am sure I will have even more wins in the future.

I have done before (and I am nearly done) some treatments with Gunilla for food intolerance and I think that, together with the metabolic type programme, it is really powerful.

Thanks to Gunilla and don’t hesitate to share my wins with others.”


Swollen Finger

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

“I had the most amazing thing happen to me when I went to see my practitioner with a swollen finger which was breaking out.

Gunilla tested certain things to see what was causing this problem as it had been recurring over recent weeks.

She asked certain questions and the body gave the answers, and we discovered I was allergic to the soap I was using and also to my shower curtain. Of all the things you would think of the shower curtain would be the last thing.

I then realized that people get rashes and skin problems all the time and go to the doctor who will give them a cream to ‘take it away’ but usually find that it comes back again somehow. It’s because the real reason is not being addressed and when it is it can be handled, drug free.

This is amazing and I never experienced anything like that in my life!

Thanks Gunilla”

Lynne Ott

Allergy Treatments

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Hi Gunilla,

“Just a quick note to tell you how grateful I am for your help, your patience, your understanting and sensibility.

Your are very committed and devoted to your job and you do it very fantastic with your heart and common sense.

You are always cheerful and it is a pleasure to do your fantastic allergy treatments.

I will miss you when we will be done !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could have tell even more (or better) if I would have write my thoughts in french…

Anyways…Thanks for who you are and what you bring to society!

Much love”



Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

“I had used homeopathic remedies in the past for various things and thought ok I guess but continued to use them as I didn’t want to take drugs. These remedies were picked off the shelf from Boots or other such places.

I never got the power of their use.

On Sunday I was hit all of a sudden with the flu and took to my bed. I called Gunilla and she asked what was happening and gave me a tiny pill. I took this and within 20 minutes I wasn’t feeling as achy and felt better in myself. The next day I took another one of these pills and that was me sorted out and feeling great. A flu which would normally take a week to go away and maybe not fully was handled in 2 days by homeopathy and a wonderful practitioner.

No drugs or anything of the sort and it works wonders.

Thanks Gunilla”

Lynne Ott

Hayfever and Cat allergy

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

“I would like to thank Gunilla for the wonderful allergy treatments she gave me this summer. I went to Gunilla as I suffer quite severely from hayfever and even more badly from an allergy to cats. With each treatment I could feel myself changing and getting stronger and stronger until I felt years younger and full of energy and life again. I have tried many different treatments to help my condition and had to eventually accept that I would always have to use medication when the symptoms became severe at different times of the year. Of course, I couldn’t have any animals around the house which upset my children as they were growing up.

I feel completely different and was amazed at all the different basic foods and particles that could affect one in the environment. The treatments are totally painless and given with such care and interest from Gunilla you really feel like you are on an adventure to understand more about your body and what is affecting it. I would recommend anyone be tested on this therapy as I know 100% that it would help with the difficulties they experience having allergies of one kind or another.

I would like to thank Gunilla very much for delivering this so much needed therapy in the UK.

Lots of love,”

Avye Lorien

Food Allergies

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

“Just to let you know that since I have been coming to you for my allergy testing, each time I have been feeling better and better.

I have been to numerous health practitioners over the years but none of them were able to spot that I was allergic to most foods and vitamins. I figured I must have been allergic to about 90% of the food I ate, no wonder I was having a terrible time.

I feel my health gradually improving with all the help you have given me in the sessions so far. Mentally I feel more stable and calm. I don’t feel irritated or annoyed all the time now. I feel for the first time in 20 years that I’m really absorbing my food, and my body feels nourished too.

My fatigue and tiredness has lessened dramatically.

Thank you for all your help.

Best wishes,”

30 May 2006


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

My patient is a 17-year old boy who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. His parents were looking for alternatives as they didn’t want him to inject insulin for the rest of his life. They tried different diets in order to regulate the blood sugar level, etc. Then they heard about NAET and contacted me in May 2003. After a lot of testing we started on the basic nutrients. After the first treatment a rash he’d had completely disappeared and never returned. After the treatment for eggmix his craving for them (12 eggs a week) completely disappeared. After the treatment for sugar he did not need any insulin for that night. Gradually after 2 months his blood sugar level had come down more and more.

His mum told me that he would eat lots of mayonnaise (800g jar in 5 days) and he wanted to lose weight. After the basics I treated him for mayonnaise, the craving stopped, he felt more energetic and he is now gradually losing weight.

In July he went for his 3-monthly check-up at the hospital. They were very impressed and said whatever he was doing he should continue. His average blood sugar level was normal and he was down from 35 units a day to 11 units.

Once we had done various food items I then treated him for his own pancreas. From then on his blood sugar levels were so stable that for 3 weeks he didn’t need any insulin at all. During this time I continued to treat him for various things. The blood sugar level was monitored very, very closely and more often. After a meal the blood sugar level would go up a bit, but after 2 -4 hours it would regulate itself suggesting some reaction going on in the pancreas which “shouldn’t be possible”. His treatments are on-going. He is back on some insulin (max. 13 units a day instead of the 35 he needed before). He is feeling very good and strong and is now attending college.


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

“When I first did the treatment for Vitamin C I could see just the day after that all the reactions usually occuring after drinking orange juice or taking Vitamin C tablets were gone. I used to feel those reactions immediately in my tummy the very moment I took the Vitamin C in my mouth and it was common to go to the toilet after 30 minutes or less with bad consequences.

After I did the calcium treatment I was amazed to see the difference between a poisoned body and one that isn’t. My energy levels increased so much!! I became free of some kind of inability to breath deeply and this has brought me so much more efficiency and clarity of mind – it’s a completely new condition. I used to feel like that only on very rare occasions and was always unstable (now I know why) plus now I can drink milk (incredible!!). I used to suffer from colitis badly all my life and I used to have diarrhoea very often (now I know why) and I saw that also other things that I used to have problems with like junk food, meat are no problem anymore. I think they are not the best kind of foods but now I feel that my body can absorb them and process them completely with less waste and painful intestinal problems.

I’m so impressed. For me this is a completely new condition something that I always wanted to achieve and that seemed to be very complicated, now I know why. I realize it’s because of the system being poisoned. It’s as if somebody is putting poison in your coffee every morning and then imagining how it would be to feel good, it’s that condition. It’s impossible isn’t it? Just getting rid of the poisoning gave me so much strength and lucidity und vigour and ability to concentrate and lightness of my body. Muscles are softer and I wake up very beautifully in the morning with no pain, now I know why, it’s a very simple thing that before I could only achieve before with a strict diet and constant exercise. And this is just the beginning.

Thank you so so so so much!!!”

Emanuele Crescentini

Cat & Dog Allergy

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

A student came to me presenting with an allergy to cat & dog hair. After testing we found it was not only the hair but also the epithelia (dead skin cells) of the animal.

Whenever she would come home from university the dog in her parents’ house would cause a skin rash and when she went to her boyfriend’s house his cat would give her an asthma attack.

So I treated her for the basics and then for animal dander and epithelia. For 25 hours she stayed at a place that was completely pet free and on her return to her parents played with the dog. No skin rash! The next day she went to her boyfriend’s house and played for 2 hours with the cat. Her boyfriend watching this commented: “By now you would be dead.” No asthma attack and within 24 hours she only had to blow her nose twice and there was a slight pressure on her chest. When she came back to me I found that the treatment had not hold a 100%, and that was the reason that she had to blow her nose. So we did another treatment and after the 25 hour avoidance there was no problem whatsoever with the cat.

She went back to university a very happy person.

Cat Allergy

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

“I have owned a cat for 25 years and during that time I sneezed a lot and my eyes watered and
became itchy. I thought it was hayfever or dust.

When I started to cat-sit for a friend who has five cats my symptoms became slowly worse
over the years, including difficulty in breathing.

There was no way I was going to give up my love for cats.

My husband recommended to me Gunilla Gerber N.D. Naturopath/Homeopath who had treated him for food allergies.

After the treatments and going back to my friends house for cat-sitting all my symptoms have dissappeared.”

Susan Kellaway, July 2007