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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

In the spring of last year 2007 when I was first recommended to Gunilla by my partner Wendy it was just over 3 years since I had been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. In February 2004, I was carted into hospital on a drip having lost a lot of weight, rash on my chest, drinking litres of water each day and had reached the point of being incredibly weak. I was kept in hospital for over a week until I was fit enough to look after myself again.

The next phase of my recovery was the mastering of insulin use and how many and more importantly what carbohydrates to eat before I eventually got strong enough to get back to the gym to do some running, at which stage although not feeling great I believed I could not do much more. It was then that Wendy gave me the recommendation to go to Gunilla.

Upon my first visit last spring to Gunilla I remember her greeting me cheerily at the door while I warily thought, “What quackery do we do here then?” During my first assessment Gunilla described the goal of reducing the insulin I was taking through addressing what substances I did not react well to. As we created a list of items, much to my horror it appeared to become longer and longer, “that means ‘X’ number of visits by ‘Y’ number of pounds equals a fortune” I silently calculated. More importantly, the idea of reduced insulin use was a dream. This could not be done for me.

So to the treatments I have been doing since. To begin with I reacted not so great but I then noticed around the third or fourth visit an energy surge and I had my first sense of increased vitality. To start with the surges of energy did not last so long but as time went by they got longer and I felt better and better. My life improved with the first noticeable difference being that my daily early evening sleep for anything between fifteen minutes and two hours was no longer required. I started to go to London for shopping and to see football matches that previously would have been very tiring if not impossible. Most importantly, Wendy has gone from complaining before my treatments about the lack of activity in the bedroom to now protesting at the reverse.

This adds up to my eternal thanks to Gunilla, whose original goal of improved health with reduced insulin use is now bearing fruit, as the number of units I require has just these last couple of weeks started to drop and I now can also believe and share in the same target idea. It is this that demonstrates to me how much my health has improved and I look forward to progressing further over the coming months and getting healthier and stronger. I will endeavour to update at a later date.

Much love, and many thanks again to Gunilla my favourite practitioner.

To be continued…

Gary Mitchell

What is metabolic typing?

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Metabolic typing means finding the right foods for a persons specific and individual type that will create health and balance in their body as well as promote weight loss. It’s nothing to do with the blood type diet but is much more specific and individualized. There are two sides to this: one is finding the right food for you and two establishing the right proportions of food that will lead you to optimum health.

In order to find out what’s the right food for the individual, a detailed questionnaire is filled out. A report is being sent to the advisor who will then go over the report with you and tell you which foods are right for your individual metabolic (genetic) type. Some people do well with lots of proteins and others do better with a higher proportion of carbs. People are very different and therefore they need different kinds of food in order to get the right fuel and stay healthy. That way the weight should also regulate itself naturally without the person having to go on a diet where they have to count calories or weigh the food.

The benefits of metabolic typing are that it will help control cravings, regulate hunger, give increased energy and a sense of well-being, improve concentration and eliminate mood swings plus you will know exactly which foods are good for you and which aren’t.

It’s first and foremost a health building program and by eating the right foods the body’s functions will be balanced and therefore create optimum health. Supplements specific to ones metabolic type will also be recommended to further help the body get into balance. The program is a process that will gradually produce the desired results over time.