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Monday, January 27th, 2020

For one of the few times in 34 years, I didn’t binge and purge during Christmas!  Instead, I found myself noting the festive food options (large buffet plates containing stuffing, roast potatoes, goose, Xmas pudding etc) and selecting healthy size portions, resisting what I intuitively knew would cause me long term pain.  I’ve always had that intuition but I could never listen to it, the cravings to binge were too great.
Since 17 years old, all my Christmases and virtually every day of my life (apart from a few months of abstinence during and after time in treatment centres) were spent in secret, exhausting, guilt-ridden misery, stealing or wasting my money on food to binge and purge on. That, or white-knuckling my way through meals.

After working with you since June 2019 and it’s now January 2020, with a moment in November when I was really considering throwing in the towel as my bulimia wasn’t improving in spite of 5 visits to your practise and religiously taking your homeopathic medicine prescriptions, last Christmas I noticed the most incredible difference in my ability to resist my destructive eating patterns.

Over the years my humble PA’s salary has been drained paying for food and paying for help to stop buying food.  I have been to 3 addiction treatment centres, had years of weekly counselling, 2 years seeing a psychiatrist 3 times a week, 3 or soyears weekly seeing physiotherapists, attempted online therapy, attended overeaters and alcoholics anonymous meetings, read a library of 12 step and spiritual recovery books, studied The THRIVE Program, learnt Brahma Kumaris, Transcendental, Headspace and Mindfulness meditation, tried hypnosis, acupuncture, reflexology, trolled through accolades of internet sites on how to recover, over-exercised and paid extortionately for dental treatment on my warn down teeth and so on…

Last April I found myself working with a colleague for 3 weeks who sung your praises for curing her deep fatigue and terrible acne so I decided to try you out after reading up more about naturopathy practice on your website.  One thing I’ve never done, is give up finding a solution!

Shortly after I left my first treatment centre, my father said, “Darling, you are an intelligent girl.  Surely you must realise that you don’t need to do this”.  Trying to explain my relentless compulsion to binge and purge to my father as an above-average intelligent and otherwise sensible woman, was impossible and for two-thirds of my life I have hung my head down internally ashamed of my total weakness.

With hand on my heart Gunilla, for this break-through change, I THANK YOU. Aside from sticking to your therapy and taking the homeopathic remedies you prescribed I have done nothing else to receive this fantastic result.

The change from wanting to not wanting is subtle, but the shift is huge.   For me, this is a miracle.


Digestive Problems

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

I have had some great results after treatments with Gunilla. Before the allergy testing and treatments I was struggling daily with digestion and acid reflux symptoms. A lot of foods were causing a negative reaction on my body and I was usually uncertain about what to eat and drink.

Through the testing and treatments and by making some changes to my diet I managed to overcome these issues to a large degree.

I would definitely recommend allergy testing to anyone suffering with digestion problems. 

Many thanks Gunilla! You have been a tremendous support.

S.W. November 2019

Health Improvement / Optimisation:

Friday, November 15th, 2019

I came to Gunilla in a decent health state already, though sought to remedy some lingering issues and make improvements to my general wellbeing.

With her combined techniques, she has helped me build up a picture of my own health and where the focus is needed. This has been really valuable to me to identify the biggest priorities, and how to address them.

She is a very good NAET practitioner and I have been impressed with her experience of the NAET treatment methodology and how she applies this. 

I’ve made significant advancements to my general health; my energy is improved and more consistent on a daily basis. Digestion is improved, sleep, mood. Everything has got better!

I would suggest that Gunilla can help a lot of people with a lot of conditions that people experience these days.

I’m both glad and grateful to have someone of her calibre around as a local practitioner!

EB November 2019

Various Thank you letters

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Just wanted to say thank you Gunilla, I appreciate all your help in all the time I have come to see you. 🙂

You always make me feel at ease and there’re not many healthcare practitioners that can do that for me!

H.B. March 2019

Just sending you an email to let you how very grateful I am that you are in my life & helping my body as well as myself achieve such wellness that I don’t believe I could achieve solely by myself. Your knowledge is vast regarding health & nutrition; I particularly really love that you continue researching & looking for new health products that help your clients.

I know I’ve said such words before, but I had this sudden urgent to tell you right now, so I’m sending this email to you.

I also like to suggest for you to not ever give up your ability / job to help others through health & nutrition, it is SO valuable to so many of us & I do believe you have more likely saved lives because of doing your job. It’s definitely your area of expertise & I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you.
Lots of love, R.P. September 2018

I wanted to validate you for the fact that I could overcome my tiredness. I could not have done that without your help to restore the body. You have done a great job on that!

I.H. May 2018

My son really appreciated his visit and had high praise for you. I am so delighted he found it really interesting.

I know you have really worked hard to keep his interest and you have made a really good impression on him and we had no sceptical comments! 

Thanks so much I am so happy he is coming back.

You are an angel and so much appreciated.

I am delighted.

Much love J.B. January 2018

I went to the health food store and got the supplement that you recommended. The multi-vitamin / multi-mineral. I’ve taken it just 2 days now and WOW I cannot believe the profound change in my mood and attitude! I feel 180° change, I feel wayyyy better! Thank you! 

J.P. November 2017

Following Gunilla’s advice and recommendations has been the best thing I have done for myself this year: I have lost weight, I sleep well, I don’t suffer from headaches anymore … and many more positive outcomes . A massive thank you, Gunilla, for helping me change my lifestyle and feeling 200% better!”

C.J. September 2017

Thank you for all your help and I always leave any appointment I have with you feeling much more positive!

G.L. February 2017


Monday, February 26th, 2018

I was mid 40ies, had just moved to England and was excited about having started my very own exercise studio.

I was very passionate about teaching my barre classes, making them interesting and challenging. The only problem was, I was so exhausted myself and suffering with headaches that sometimes I didn’t know how I was going to get through the day.

I stuck to quite a healthy diet, knowing that this is where I’d get the energy from but really I felt worse after every meal.

One day somebody told me about a Naturopath called Gunilla Gerber and I made my first appointment.

She tested me for intolerances to all kinds of foods, vitamins and minerals and really the very foods I was eating to give me energy were making me weak!

I stuck to the treatment and only a few weeks later I felt my strength coming back more and more and after every treatment the energy levels increased.

I can honestly say it changed my life and to this day I feel fantastic!

Thank you Gunilla!

I.H. February 2018

Rheumatoid arthritis

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Since meeting Gunilla the issues I had with rheumatoid arthritis and all the awful side effects, including sore gums, headaches and a general feeling of being unwell to state a few. I am now off all mainstream medication after nine years and on my journey to better health.

Gunilla gave me the confidence to trust in myself and what my body needs to heal itself. Her quiet manner and genuine positive regard have made me trust in myself and the process. Her warm approach ensures that I know she is genuinely listening to me as an individual and not just another client.

However long my journey, each step brings me closer to a healthier and brighter future.

J.H. January 2017

Bowel Problems and Cravings

Friday, January 28th, 2011

I really want to thank you for all your knowledge and help with handling my on going problem!

I am so amazed and still actually blown away that my symptoms have completely changed for the better. I honestly didn’t think it would be such an instant handling as I had been living with this problem for so long.
I feel that it is such an acknowledgment to myself also as I decided to take matters into my own hands and by doing so was also happy to know that what I thought created me a problem diet wise actually was!

I cannot tell you how much energy I have got it is amazing! Last night I was still up at midnight writing an e mail! That would never have happened a few weeks back, I think my husband is amazed too as I’m normally a zombie by 9!
The other funny thing is I am having practically no cravings either, I might fancy something but can easily forget about it too. The only desire today was to get rid of the gloves so my hands could actually breathe after the mineral handling! I have never experienced that feeling of being claustrophobic however my poor hands did a few times!!! Quite funny really especially when my friend emailed me calling me Michael Jackson with the white gloves!!

Anyway, Thank You Gunilla for everything. I think you are amazing and I am so happy and delighted with my results so far.

Lots of love

Digestive Problems – Burning Stomach

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

In the past I felt a bit numb in the morning and it would take me ages to “wake up”. Now, I a) sleep better, b) I wake up and feel good, energetic and not like “dragging the body around” and c) I feel fine the whole day, like my energy is spread across the whole day! So when I wake up in the morning after I’ve had a little bit to eat I feel absolutely awake, which I did not used to feel.

For example before coming to see you, anything I ate with pasta or pizza used to burn my stomach like crazy, once I even had just pancakes filled with ricotta and spinach and it was hell.

Today I ate a pizza and no trouble whatsoever! The pizza was a “Quattro Formaggi” which had tomato on it. Nothing, nada, niente, nichts! Truely unbelievable, it really was surreal as I was so cautious before eating it and was thinking “this is going to hurt”. When nothing happened I was just so so happy you have no idea! :-))

But you also need to know that I didn’t even take any enzymes! I did not take any during the 25 hours and on my way out forgot the pot, so this was even more amazing!!!

This treatment is truly unbelievable! I must say I haven’t felt this good in ages, and I really mean it. It’s almost odd because I really am not used to it. It’s like having a new car, after you have driven the old one for years. I need to get accustomed to this new feeling , because all habits crank in, like, “oh, well I am supposed to feel exhausted now usually” and then it doesn’t happen! And then later on in the day “oh and now I should feel pain” and it simply does not happen! And it is really, really, REALLY odd because I got so accustomed to “live with the discomfort” that it became a routine to “feel that way” and I had forgotten how it feels to feel well! Also my body feels lighter, like I got rid of shackles. It’s really odd as I’m not used to it. It is a wonderful feeling, I am LOVING IT! And my treatment is not yet over! I just can’t wait until I am done!
Thank you Gunilla for all the care, for your expertise and professionalism. You really know what you are doing and you do want results and that shows in all you do! You do get results! I am glad I made the choice to come and see you, it is worth all its while!!!! :-)) Thank you again a million, you are wonderful to work with!!!



Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Summer, to me, means sneezing, sore eyes and endless antihistamine pills. This year (2009) I have been treated by Gunilla and I have been able to work in the garden, take the dog for walks in the country and I have not had a single antihistamine pill.

Thank you Gunilla for such a wonderful summer.

Dawn Francis

Weight Loss

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Where to start?

When I first came to Gunilla over a year ago I was very introverted on my weight; my self esteem was at its lowest; and I was generally very depressed & lethargic.

Weight HAD been an issue all my life. With my weight roller coasting from being a trim (size 33”), to it being heavy (size 38”), with it generally hovering around 36”. I had tried pretty much every diet going. With short term success then slowly, insidiously the weight would creep back to where it was or in the case of the Cohen diet my weight ballooned out to the heaviest I’d ever been (44”).

I’d read various books (diet & medical) to try and get an understanding, I’d paid a fortune to see a Harley Street nutritionist, to no avail. I knew there had to be an answer to MY situation. I just hadn’t found it yet. It was around this time that I looked on Gunilla’s website & saw Metabolic Typing. After having done a little research on the net I contacted Gunilla with the view to addressing my diet and hence weight.

That was a year ago. I’ve now lost 16½kgs (or 36½lbs or size 44 down to 38!) and am well on my way to my target size (33-34). So although I’m still a work in progress I have total confidence that I will attain and MAINTAIN it. How can this be? Well. It hasn’t taken any sacrifice or effort to get where I am. That’s right. No starving myself, or counting calories, or exercising like a mad man, or only eating certain types of food and eliminating everything else, and no eating starvation rations.

In fact what I’ve learned is there are 3 things governing weight loss:

1. The right diet – Metabolic Typing, the right diet for YOUR metabolic type.
2. Blocking factors – those things either internally or environmentally which inhibit weight loss
3. Hormones
4. Allergies (NAET)

You’ll notice that most diets concentrate heavily on “1” above. Some might mention “1& 2” very few mention all 3.

The above weight loss has occurred since January this year! That’s right. I persisted for 8-9 months without getting any real tangible results (reduced waist size). Because item 3 wasn’t being addressed until then!

I used to live for food. I hadn’t even finished eating the meal I was having & I was already thinking about my next meal. I didn’t have a clue what was the right food, I just knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. And of course Friday nights being the end of the week was ALWAYS a curry night. And if I couldn’t be bothered cooking during the week I’d have another curry. I mean I could never have too much curry.

Now, although I prepare my meals for work I actually eat when I’m hungry and I ‘m not constantly thinking about food. As to a curry I can’t think of the last time I had one! Not as a sacrifice I just haven’t had the desire to have one. The other thing is: I’m no saint. I slip up now and then. The difference is I don’t beat my self up over it any more. I can acknowledge that I’ve slipped up and get back on the wagon without any hic-ups. Or at special occasions I can premeditate that I’ll indulge myself, again, no problems. Do I snack? Of course. The difference is I know what to snack on now.

I’ve gone from being the effect of food to being cause over it. That is a wonderful feeling.

Finally and most importantly, in Gunilla I have someone who is not just my Natropath but a true friend. Without whose help I wouldn’t have been able to have achieved the above, and continue to work with in the future.

R. McG.