Doula Services

Doula Servicea

The word doula comes from Greek for Woman Caregiver. A doula is someone who assists a woman during labour, makes her more comfortable and helps reduce pain as much as possible through breathing exercises, helping her find the right position, using massage, etc.

I also act as a relay point between mother and midwives/ doctors to ensure her birth plan is adhered to as best as possible and she can concentrate on giving birth rather than being distracted by outside influences.

As I am also a qualified homoeopath I can assist her further by administering the correct homoeopathic remedies and/or by giving her Bach Flower remedies to ensure labour progresses as smoothly and calmly as possible.

Included in the service is a consultation several weeks before the due date where we go over the birthplan and any questions the expecting mother may have regarding giving birth, breastfeeding, etc. This ensures she goes into labour knowing what to expect. This can be very empowering and reassuring and help immensely with the birth experience.