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For one of the few times in 34 years, I didn’t binge and purge during Christmas!  Instead, I found myself noting the festive food options (large buffet plates containing stuffing, roast potatoes, goose, Xmas pudding etc) and selecting healthy size portions, resisting what I intuitively knew would cause me long term pain.  I’ve always had that intuition but I could never listen to it, the cravings to binge were too great.
Since 17 years old, all my Christmases and virtually every day of my life (apart from a few months of abstinence during and after time in treatment centres) were spent in secret, exhausting, guilt-ridden misery, stealing or wasting my money on food to binge and purge on. That, or white-knuckling my way through meals.

After working with you since June 2019 and it’s now January 2020, with a moment in November when I was really considering throwing in the towel as my bulimia wasn’t improving in spite of 5 visits to your practise and religiously taking your homeopathic medicine prescriptions, last Christmas I noticed the most incredible difference in my ability to resist my destructive eating patterns.

Over the years my humble PA’s salary has been drained paying for food and paying for help to stop buying food.  I have been to 3 addiction treatment centres, had years of weekly counselling, 2 years seeing a psychiatrist 3 times a week, 3 or soyears weekly seeing physiotherapists, attempted online therapy, attended overeaters and alcoholics anonymous meetings, read a library of 12 step and spiritual recovery books, studied The THRIVE Program, learnt Brahma Kumaris, Transcendental, Headspace and Mindfulness meditation, tried hypnosis, acupuncture, reflexology, trolled through accolades of internet sites on how to recover, over-exercised and paid extortionately for dental treatment on my warn down teeth and so on…

Last April I found myself working with a colleague for 3 weeks who sung your praises for curing her deep fatigue and terrible acne so I decided to try you out after reading up more about naturopathy practice on your website.  One thing I’ve never done, is give up finding a solution!

Shortly after I left my first treatment centre, my father said, “Darling, you are an intelligent girl.  Surely you must realise that you don’t need to do this”.  Trying to explain my relentless compulsion to binge and purge to my father as an above-average intelligent and otherwise sensible woman, was impossible and for two-thirds of my life I have hung my head down internally ashamed of my total weakness.

With hand on my heart Gunilla, for this break-through change, I THANK YOU. Aside from sticking to your therapy and taking the homeopathic remedies you prescribed I have done nothing else to receive this fantastic result.

The change from wanting to not wanting is subtle, but the shift is huge.   For me, this is a miracle.


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