Gunilla Gerber”

I have visited Gunilla Gerber for health and nutritional reasons for several years now.

She is undoubtedly my no1 person to see on these matters.

She is always bright, alert, happy, very clear in her communication and very attentive, very thorough and systematic.

I get the impression that she is on a mission to spot all of the non-optimum situations that may be lurking within the various areas of my body. She is VERY successful!

Time after time I have arrived at Gunilla in one state of mind and left in quite another.

One of the best things about the NAET treatments is that they are complete. They remedy the situation. You are not left with complex diets and avoidances to carry with you as a burden throughout your life, the treatments remedy the issues for good and you are left with a renewed sense of well-being in the area. Any cravings associated with the subject likewise tend to fall by the wayside. Some common sense discipline is always necessary, but nagging cravings that need massive restraint? Those fall away without fuss.

In fact, the only disappointments I can think of, are when I undertake a treatment on an item and so look forward to having that item when the treatment is up, only to find that I no longer want this when that time comes! But even that falls away politely and almost without notice.

The way NAET is administered and the nature of its results are exactly how I like things to be and there is nobody I have met who I feel would be better equipped to do these treatments, both as a professional and as a person.

The nicest, brightest, friendliest and most competent professional I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. With the most amazing armoury of things to make you better with 🙂

I am not alone on my opinion. If you ask around, you will find the same words spoken by people from all walks of life. I really like this person and count myself very fortunate to have come across such a jewel. I wish the same for you.

P. C., London, England. January 2016


When I first met Gunilla I had large red patches of Psoriasis on various parts of my body interspersed with rashes. Whilst I had suffered with it since childhood, I had only had two major outbreaks since then. The first time, I managed to control it after a period of about six months with the help of a nutritionist and homeopath, and became Psoriasis free for seven years. When it returned after that period, my reverting to the previous strict diet didn’t seem to help. I basically had to avoid sugar, but even doing this was not helping this time. So I wrote and asked Gunilla if she could help, and while not promising anything, she honestly felt she could. I was a little sceptical about the process, which predominantly centred on NAET, nutritional supplements and diet, but I was determined to see it through as Gunilla seemed confident in getting results. Naturally sugar came up as a weakness, alongside a number of others which Gunilla began treating. Each time I returned for a treatment, Gunilla seemed undeterred by the lack of change in my skin, though it did start to test my resolve. I was putting all my faith into what was, to me, a new alternative treatment which may not be effective with my problem. I found no reassurances online. Whenever I saw Gunilla however, my confidence in a positive outcome was renewed. Besides NAET, I adhered to the diet restrictions she gave me and we carried on dealing with each weakness. I can’t recall at what point things changed, but they did, and importantly, while it had seemed like a long process, within three months all the Psoriasis had practically gone. I can’t begin to explain the relief I felt at this, as I had started to think the Psoriasis would be like that forever. I wouldn’t hesitate in seeing Gunilla again and it is so reassuring to know she is there should it ever return or to help with any other health issues. I’m still Psoriasis free after a year and feel I can control things with diet from what I have learnt from Gunilla and without being too restrictive.

J. H. 2016

Bloated stomach – Overweight”

For more than 30 years I ignored my bloated stomach blaming occasional overeating or irregular and unhealthy meals. My weight was 65kg (BMI 23.2) which I considered to be quite normal since I always fitted into the size 12. However with the age (I am 49 now) bloated stomach started to irritate and made me feel uncomfortable. Moreover, my weight started to climb up and I could not fit into size 12 anymore! Therefore, for the last 2 years I tried various healthy diets and regular exercises (3 -4 times a week). The results were disappointing: neither my bloated stomach nor the weight did go away. On a contrary, my weigh rose up to 70 kg and size to 14+! I was about to admit the “status quo” until I learnt about NAET treatment. Although, I am very sceptical about allergies and food/environmental intolerances, I approached Gunilla with my problems and decided to give myself the last chance to change myself for the better.  In addition to the treatments of various food intolerances and instructions followed each treatment, Gunilla composed a dietary food list for me which, with few exceptions during holidays or festive time, I followed very strictly.  I supplemented Gunilla’s treatment with a “corporate” approach where my family members had to adjust their eating habits to match my diet. I did not give up my regular exercises. Soon I realised that bloated stomach has disappeared and I gradually started to lose weight. After 6 months (at that time Gunilla has completed the therapy) I lost 10kg and felt great about the achieved results. I have to admit the treatment changed not only my opinion but opinion of my family, as well, to food tolerances and eating habits. Today (two months after the therapy) I still maintain healthy eating habits, follow Gunillas’ advises received during the treatments, have regular exercises and as a result lost additional 2kg. I did not write this testimony immediately after the therapy because I was not sure whether my previous “status quo” will return. Today I am confident that Gunilla’s treatment has achieved its goal and I am delighted with the results. I am very grateful to Gunilla. Thank you!”

A.B. July 2015

Digestive Problems

Before coming to see Gunilla I had been suffering from migraines and digestive problems for the past 10 years. I had been told that I had food sensitivities and that I should stop eating certain foods which I did. It made my diet very restricted and a social life of going out for dinner, etc. almost impossible. I also went to see a specialist and he told me I had food allergies. He gave me some medicine and told me to cut out certain foods.

I would get very nervous and apprehensive when planning a journey and felt very isolated in terms of my digestive problems. I would feel sick which would last for 12 hours and even drinking just plain water would upset my digestion ending up in bed for three days until I had fully recovered. This would happen every 2 weeks so that at first I thought it was to do with the menopause but it wasn’t. I would get headaches, feel tired, get constipated and have stomach pains. Going to a restaurant was nearly impossible.

I didn’t want to take the medication that I had been prescribed and in my search for some other solution I found Gunilla when I was looking for some products from a company called Best Care. There I saw a testimonial and as she was not too far from where I live I thought I’ll give it a try.

Already after the first two treatments the stomach pain I had been experiencing for the past 10 years went away completely. The headache eased off and eventually disappeared also over the course of handling the various food sensitivities, many of which had been diagnosed before and without knowing what they were Gunilla found them to be a problem and handled them once and for all.

I am now able to live a normal life without dietary restraints. I can go to restaurants and enjoy the food and travelling is not a problem anymore which makes for a very stress-free journey. In fact, it is a new life!

P.C. July 2015

Feeling run down and stressed

I started seeing Gunilla 2yrs ago. I was suffering from enormous stress from running my business and it was now taking its toll on me….. I had been getting ill and run down very regularly for 5 years.  I had a chest infection every year which left me in bed unable to do much at all for most of each winter.  I also had constant bouts of thrush, bad skin, constipation, lethargy, hormone issues, depression to name but a few!  I had been to the Dr numerous times and been given lots of antibiotics (none worked!) trying to cure the symptoms rather than address the cause, they also gave me loads of tests – all of which came back clear.  I was at such a low point and someone mentioned that I should see a naturopath.  Gunilla and I have worked together in a very methodical and determined way and I am finally coming out the other end!  I’m feeling very energised, healthy, slim, happy, glowing skin, balanced hormones, cellulite and water retention free! I have a totally new way of eating and feel SO much better for it.  It’s the best money you could possible spend on yourself, I promise!  Gunilla is part of my life now and I will always turn to her first if I have any health issues that need addressing.  Look after yourself people, we’re only here once.


Exhaustion, Stress, Rhinitis, Weight Loss and increased Income!

I went to see Gunilla back several months ago as I was completely exhausted and stressed and also had a streaming nose at night times that was disrupting my sleep.

Gunilla assessed my condition and has monitored my progress on a series of supplements as well as on significant change of diet.

I have experienced a massive change as a result of this:

The streaming nose is a thing of the past as we found it was caused by an allergy to house dust.

The energy levels and exhaustion issue… totally handled. On a purely practical level I have worked out I now have 2 hours more a day production time – that’s 10 hours a week or 40+ hours a month. Multiply that by my hourly income and I am about £ 800 a month better off! Now that’s a tangible and significant result I wasn’t expecting!

On a personal level I feel so much more positive and generally happier all round.

Another benefit, although not the reason I saw Gunilla, is that during this period I have lost about 1 ¼ stone and feel much lighter and look much healthier with the inevitable increase in self confidence and self esteem.

Would I recommend Gunilla? Only if you want to be wealthier, healthier, more energetic and generally happier!

T.C. Feb. 2015

Change of Diet and NAET treatments

I’m on the alkaline-acid diet completely, apart from tonight as we were going out for a meal. My husband is on it too but he will have meat sometimes, as I don’t mind fish most of the time at all. This is a lifetime change, we have both decided to ditch the old ways. I am the “driver” in this and in time my husband will know and have the routine of what is good to eat. I do have to say that his volume of food he eats has gone down a lot.

Altogether since I started having treatments from you and taking your advice I feel so much better, and I can’t thank you enough. As my body progresses with healing, I feel improved every day. My energy levels have soared and life is good. Basically in two weeks you have changed my life – that’s priceless!

S.S. Jan. 2015

Chronic Eczema

I have been a long-term eczema sufferer of approximately 25 years, with severe atopic eczema all over my body. Traditional medical treatments have tried to find out what causes the eczema. I have had the usual skin tests but the only outcome was that I was generally allergic to the normal allergens (dog, cat, dust, grass). Over the years I have steadily been increasing the strength of my creams until I was on 100% dermovate. I was then put on oral immuno-suppressants, Cyclosporin,  and most recently Methotrexate which is a drug given to cancer patients during chemo-therapy. I went to Gunilla after a recommendation from my niece, who also suffers from atopic eczema, determined to treat the cause rather than the symptom. After 3 months of treatments, I was completely off my oral drugs, my eczema flare-ups still continued, but they became less frequent with clearer skin during the good periods. After 6 months most of my skin was significantly better. After 9 months for the first time in 25 years I have NO eczema on my body at all, and my last flare up was 4 months ago. It has been a hard 9 months, and anyone going through this journey must be determined to stick with the diets to discover what works best for them. The good thing about Gunilla’s treatments is that you can go back on the foods after treatment. I am still working through various possible allergens, but I have definitely turned the corner. This has been a life-changing process for me and well worth the money and effort.


Low Immune System in 5 year old

I had problems with my 5 year old son’s health for the past 2 years. It was just like his immune system was struggling. Cold after cold and it took ages until the whole thing cleared from his body. It was awful. He was even getting bad ear infections twice a month and literally being ill. Until I got fed up and took him for homoeopathy and allergy treatment. It is like a miracle! I have never seen him so healthy. He eats well, doesn’t get sick that often and even when he gets sick, his immune system bounces back and he is well in 2 days or so. It’s great and I’m so happy for it!

Weightloss and feeling great!

I have visited Gunilla Gerber since the beginning of June. My main problems were being overweight, breast pain and  endometriosis. Results of her treatment are really amazing!!! Even after the first week on the diet gave me I felt much more energy and power to live. Since that I haven’t slept more than 7-8 hours and it is absolutely enough for me! I don’t feel tiredness anymore!

I lost almost 8 kg. It was not too fast so I don’t have any problem with my skin. Keeping this diet is not difficult and I can eat a lot of things which I like and more over I have found a lot of new foods and recipes! It is a real adventure 🙂

Also my health problems are handled and I don’t worry about them as much as before.
I am really happy! Gunilla has changed my life 🙂 Thank you very much!!!!!
A.S. 2014

Digestive Problems – Burning Stomach

In the past I felt a bit numb in the morning and it would take me ages to “wake up”. Now, I a) sleep better, b) I wake up and feel good, energetic and not like “dragging the body around” and c) I feel fine the whole day, like my energy is spread across the whole day! So when I wake up in the morning after I’ve had a little bit to eat I feel absolutely awake, which I did not used to feel.

For example before coming to see you, anything I ate with pasta or pizza used to burn my stomach like crazy, once I even had just pancakes filled with ricotta and spinach and it was hell.

Today I ate a pizza and no trouble whatsoever! The pizza was a “Quattro Formaggi” which had tomato on it. Nothing, nada, niente, nichts! Truely unbelievable, it really was surreal as I was so cautious before eating it and was thinking “this is going to hurt”. When nothing happened I was just so so happy you have no idea! :-))

But you also need to know that I didn’t even take any enzymes! I did not take any during the 25 hours and on my way out forgot the pot, so this was even more amazing!!!

This treatment is truly unbelievable! I must say I haven’t felt this good in ages, and I really mean it. It’s almost odd because I really am not used to it. It’s like having a new car, after you have driven the old one for years. I need to get accustomed to this new feeling , because all habits crank in, like, “oh, well I am supposed to feel exhausted now usually” and then it doesn’t happen! And then later on in the day “oh and now I should feel pain” and it simply does not happen! And it is really, really, REALLY odd because I got so accustomed to “live with the discomfort” that it became a routine to “feel that way” and I had forgotten how it feels to feel well! Also my body feels lighter, like I got rid of shackles. It’s really odd as I’m not used to it. It is a wonderful feeling, I am LOVING IT! And my treatment is not yet over! I just can’t wait until I am done!
Thank you Gunilla for all the care, for your expertise and professionalism. You really know what you are doing and you do want results and that shows in all you do! You do get results! I am glad I made the choice to come and see you, it is worth all its while!!!! :-)) Thank you again a million, you are wonderful to work with!!!



Summer, to me, means sneezing, sore eyes and endless antihistamine pills. This year (2009) I have been treated by Gunilla and I have been able to work in the garden, take the dog for walks in the country and I have not had a single antihistamine pill.

Thank you Gunilla for such a wonderful summer.


Lipomas on Wrists

About 15 years ago a lipoma of 1-2 cm size appeared on my left wrist. Feeling discomfort every time when asked ‘what is that on your wrist’, I decided to have it removed and had lipoma surgery. Even though the operation was successful, after a few months,   a new lipoma started to grow in a position neighbouring the one that had been removed.

Within a period of 2 years I went through 2 more lipoma surgeries but that didn’t stop new lipomas from reappearing on the top of my wrist.  In the end, I had an area of about 3cm wide covered with one bigger lipoma and a cluster of few smaller ones. So I accepted it and got used to wear long sleeves whenever possible to hide my wrist from prying eyes and to avoid uncomfortable questions. After a while a lipoma of about 1cm appeared on the top of my right wrist where it remained for more than 5 years….until I began NAET treatment a few months ago.

After a series of NAET treatments, the lipoma on my right wrist has disappeared completely to the extent that no evidence remains to suggest it was ever there.  On the left wrist the big lipoma has to date diminished to almost 10% of its original size and is barely visible whilst most of the small ones surrounding it have disappeared and those that do remain are very difficult to locate. While the lipomas on the left hand have diminished slower than for the right, the process is still on-going 2 months after the NAET treatment and I can notice a positive change every week.

It feels great after so many years of being constricted by carefully choosing what and what not to wear and can now enjoy short sleeves when the sun is out without fear of being asked awkward questions.

Many thanks once again for your help :)!


Sensitivity to Grains

I need to tell you that I’m most impressed with the grains handling. I used to have stomach burning sensations after eating my cereals in the morning, or eating croissants, bread, etc. Sometimes I would not get the sensation straight after eating but even a couple of hours later. Well, I had a croissant and cereals recently and I did not feel a thing!!! No burning sensations, nothing! It’s really odd because I usually would and got used to this discomfort,  it almost became a “routine”. I have to tell you I am soooooooooooooooo impressed! Thank you so much!!!

I guess grains were a big, big problem for my body. And it’s funny, you never fully realize it until it’s not there anymore. I really need to get used to it, it’s almost like “I have to still be careful with what I eat as I could get pain”. I need to get rid of the old routine and stop being wary. It is so funny! Truly unbelievable!

I am so happy with our progress!!!! I really, really, really am!!! I have also noticed that my body is stronger. Quite a few people around me have not been well and I usually would follow, but I haven’t this time and the only change I put in my life is doing the handlings with you.

I truly appreciate your work and how you master your technology, I can experience true results! Thank you :o)


Various Sensitivities

Just to let you know that since I have been coming to you for my allergy testing, each time I have been feeling better and better.

I have been to numerous health practitioners over the years but none of them were able to spot that I was allergic to most foods and vitamins. I figured I must  have been allergic to about 90% of the food I ate, no wonder I was having a terrible time.

I feel my health gradually improving with all the help you have given me in the consultations so far. Mentally I feel more stable and calm. I don’t feel irritated or annoyed all the time now.

I feel for the first time in 20 years that I’m really absorbing my food, and my body feels nourished too.

My fatigue and tiredness has lessened dramatically.

Thank you for all your help.

Best wishes, R.P.A.

Weight Loss

Where to start?

When I first came to Gunilla over a year ago I was very introverted on my weight; my self esteem was at its lowest; and I was generally very depressed & lethargic.

Weight HAD been an issue all my life. With my weight roller coasting from being a trim (size 33”), to it being heavy (size 38”), with it generally hovering around 36”. I had tried pretty much every diet going. With short term success then slowly, insidiously the weight would creep back to where it was or in the case of the Cohen diet my weight ballooned out to the heaviest I’d ever been (44”).

I’d read various books (diet & medical) to try and get an understanding, I’d paid a fortune to see a Harley Street nutritionist, to no avail. I knew there had to be an answer to MY situation. I just hadn’t found it yet. It was around this time that I looked on Gunilla’s website & saw Metabolic Typing. After having done a little research on the net I contacted Gunilla with the view to addressing my diet and hence weight.

That was a year ago. I’ve now lost 16½kgs (or 36½lbs or size 44 down to 38!) and am well on my way to my target size (33-34). So although I’m still a work in progress I have total confidence that I will attain and MAINTAIN it. How can this be? Well. It hasn’t taken any sacrifice or effort to get where I am. That’s right. No starving myself, or counting calories, or exercising like a mad man, or only eating certain types of food and eliminating everything else, and no eating starvation rations.

In fact what I’ve learned is there are 3 things governing weight loss:

1. The right diet – Metabolic Typing, the right diet for YOUR metabolic type.
2. Blocking factors – those things either internally or environmentally which inhibit weight loss
3. Hormones
4. Allergies (NAET)

You’ll notice that most diets concentrate heavily on “1” above. Some might mention “1& 2” very few mention all 3.

The above weight loss has occurred since January this year! That’s right. I persisted for 8-9 months without getting any real tangible results (reduced waist size). Because item 3 wasn’t being addressed until then!

I used to live for food. I hadn’t even finished eating the meal I was having & I was already thinking about my next meal. I didn’t have a clue what was the right food, I just knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. And of course Friday nights being the end of the week was ALWAYS a curry night. And if I couldn’t be bothered cooking during the week I’d have another curry. I mean I could never have too much curry.

Now, although I prepare my meals for work I actually eat when I’m hungry and I ‘m not constantly thinking about food. As to a curry I can’t think of the last time I had one! Not as a sacrifice I just haven’t had the desire to have one. The other thing is: I’m no saint. I slip up now and then. The difference is I don’t beat my self up over it any more. I can acknowledge that I’ve slipped up and get back on the wagon without any hic-ups. Or at special occasions I can premeditate that I’ll indulge myself, again, no problems. Do I snack? Of course. The difference is I know what to snack on now.

I’ve gone from being the effect of food to being cause over it. That is a wonderful feeling.

Finally and most importantly, in Gunilla I have someone who is not just my Natropath but a true friend. Without whose help I wouldn’t have been able to have achieved the above, and continue to work with in the future.

R. McG.

Bowel Problems and Cravings

I really want to thank you for all your knowledge and help with handling my on-going problem!

I am so amazed and still actually blown away that my symptoms have completely changed for the better. I honestly didn’t think it would be such an instant handling as I had been living with this problem for so long.

I feel that it is such an acknowledgment to myself also as I decided to take matters into my own hands and by doing so was also happy to know that what I thought created me a problem diet-wise actually was!

I cannot tell you how much energy I have got, it is amazing! Last night I was still up at midnight writing an email. That would never have happened a few weeks back. I think my husband is amazed too as I’m normally a zombie by 9pm!

The other funny thing is I am having practically no cravings either. I might fancy something but can easily forget about it too. The only desire today was to get rid of the gloves so my hands could actually breathe after the mineral handling! I have never experienced that feeling of being claustrophobic, however, my poor hands did a few times!!! Quite funny really, especially when my friend emailed me calling me Michael Jackson with the white gloves!

Anyway, Thank You Gunilla for everything. I think you are amazing and I am so happy and delighted with my results so far.

Lots of love, R.T. August 2010

Hot Flushes

Dear Gunilla,

Since some time I wanted to write to you and to let you know that the drops you recommended to me are working brilliantly! The hot flushes have gone completely, the headaches are markedly reduced and I have much more energy. It’s a marked gain in quality of life!

Many thanks for your help.


Digestion and Weight

With the treatments I have lost weight. I look and feel better. I can digest better the products. I have healed.

My skin looks and feels better. I eat more sensibly without having the cravings I had before. And I feel happy.



I had migraine when I ate 80g of sugar at once. I had migraine when I drunk a half glass of wine, I felt worse somewhat when I ate cheese and sometimes I just got migraine that beat me out for 1-1.5 days.

It took quite a lot attention just to eat and live without migraine. After Gunilla’s handling, I no longer get migraine from anything that I eat or drink.

This is an enormous result after 6 years of migraine.

If you have food allergy come to Gunilla =)


Back Problems

When I first arrived my main concern was my back as this has been a problem for years, so I was amazed when you started looking at allergies using the NAET program. Well, I can honestly say I am very glad we did – I was amazed to find that I had allergies to sugar, B vitamins, animal fat and a few others.

To put the results into perspective when I arrived I could eat a whole large tub of Hagen Daz ice cream in one seating one day and be capable of eating another the next day. I also found it hard to leave food – if I went into an area where there was food which I liked I would have some of everything I liked.

I can only say that I am stunned and amazed that in a few short treatments my whole attitude to food has changed – I am totally amazed.

My diet has changed whereby I have virtually no ice cream and even when I do I can’t eat as much by a long way as before. I now see food in terms of how it will affect me – meat has been cut down and I have virtually cut out red meats as  have become aware of how they sit heavy in the stomach.

When I used to have a salad I would always have to have salad cream – not anymore. I now have olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I actually can’t eat very much salad cream anymore so again my diet has been improved.

On top of this I have now started the Robert Gray colon cleanse programme, which I have tried before but never got very far – this time it has proven to be easy to do and I have been on it now for nearly 1 month and am confident I will complete the programme. Before I saw it as some form of inconvenience whereas now I want to do it. I have also started to lose weight on this, without having to fight with a diet, due to the handlings carried out previously with the NAET. I have noticed that on the colon cleanse programme I am having odd reactions, i.e. I will feel very hungry for a few days and have to eat and then it will stop and I won’t feel hungry and then I might get an urge for a particular food and then a day or so later it will go, but the overall effect is good as I am losing weight without trying and I have more energy and most amazing of all I am having less trouble with my back.

I can only say that I would highly recommend this programme to anyone as it is probably that other people have allergies they are not aware of, which, if handled could make life more comfortable.

Thanks Gunilla.

M.B. August 2005


A patient of mine had been on Ritalin for a long time. His psychiatrist didn’t want to give him anymore and he was desperate as he couldn’t concentrate or sleep for all the noises in his head. On muscle testing his arm was trembling markedly. He said he was irritable at work, shouting at his employees. He also had stomach problems and general aches in his joints. He looked quite tense and agitated when I first saw him.

After the first treatment he felt better but was suspicious whether he was imagining it or not so he didn’t tell me about it. However, he somehow knew that NAET could help him and he kept coming to my office several times a week. After several treatments he revealed that the noises in his head had long since stopped, but he didn’t want to say in case it wouldn’t last. But it did and has done so ever since.

He is now convinced that his ADHD has gone for good. No more medication needed! His sleep has greatly improved, he is much calmer towards other people and generally comes across as a very happy person. The trembling has stopped completely. As a side effect his stomach troubles are gone too and he is now sending his whole family for treatment as he wants them to benefit too. He said “Now that my ADHD is gone I can kick ass in my business.” with a big grin on his face.


“Since seeing my homeopathic doctor I have seen a marked improvement with my asthma.

I have been treated for various things inclucing intolerances to certain food and food types. I have cut out dairy from my diet and started drinking things like rice milk. Who would have considered drinking rice milk?

All this and being treated for Vitamin A, sugar, B-complex, protein, wheat, etc. have all contributed to me not being bothered about my asthma and finding my chest to be normal.

I have never had a normal chest since I was 6 months old and I am now 34.

But by handling food, etc. that my body didn’t like I have a normal breathing rate and no pain at all. This is something that would be a daily problem for me. Not anymore.

This is fantastic stuff and I strongly suggest anyone who wants to deal with their asthma for real or other such things see a homeopathic doctor, preferably one who is also a naturopath.

Thanks Gunilla for changing my life.”


Binge drinking

“Prior to starting my NAET treatments I had been binge drinking for over 2 years. Since my treatment I have not drunk alcohol at all and more importantly I’ve had no desire to do so. Although I’d managed prior to the treatment not to drink for a few weeks at a time it was always a struggle. Now I don’t even think about drinking. It’s fantastic and I didn’t expect such a dramatic change.”


Blocked Nose

“I had many food allergies and hay fever, but over the years both have got progressively worse. I started my treatments with Gunilla and for me the first couple of treatments I had some benefit, but when we did minerals the change was remarkable.

For as long as I can remember I would wake in the morning unable to breath through my nose and many times I woke gasping for breath. I would then spent at least an hour sneezing and blowing my nose.

Now I wake up feeling refreshed and can breath through my nose with no sneezing… it’s FANTASTIC!”


Cat Allergy

“I have owned a cat for 25 years and during that time I sneezed a lot and my eyes watered and became itchy. I thought it was hayfever or dust.

When I started to cat-sit for a friend who has five cats my symptoms became slowly worse over the years, including difficulty in breathing.

There was no way I was going to give up my love for cats.

My husband recommended to me Gunilla Gerber N.D. Naturopath/Homeopath who had treated him for food allergies.

After the treatments and going back to my friends house for cat-sitting all my symptoms have disappeared.”


Cat & Dog Allergy

A student came to me presenting with an allergy to cat & dog hair. After testing we found it was not only the hair but also the epithelia (dead skin cells) of the animal.

Whenever she would come home from university the dog in her parents’ house would cause a skin rash and when she went to her boyfriend’s house his cat would give her an asthma attack.

So I treated her for the basics and then for animal dander and epithelia. For 25 hours she stayed at a place that was completely pet free and on her return to her parents played with the dog. No skin rash! The next day she went to her boyfriend’s house and played for 2 hours with the cat. Her boyfriend watching this commented: “By now you would be dead.” No asthma attack and within 24 hours she only had to blow her nose twice and there was a slight pressure on her chest. When she came back to me I found that the treatment had not hold a 100%, and that was the reason that she had to blow her nose. So we did another treatment and after the 25 hour avoidance there was no problem whatsoever with the cat.

She went back to university a very happy person.


“When I first did the treatment for Vitamin C I could see just the day after that all the reactions usually occuring after drinking orange juice or taking Vitamin C tablets were gone. I used to feel those reactions immediately in my tummy the very moment I took the Vitamin C in my mouth and it was common to go to the toilet after 30 minutes or less with bad consequences.

After I did the calcium treatment I was amazed to see the difference between a poisoned body and one that isn’t. My energy levels increased so much!! I became free of some kind of inability to breath deeply and this has brought me so much more efficiency and clarity of mind – it’s a completely new condition. I used to feel like that only on very rare occasions and was always unstable (now I know why) plus now I can drink milk (incredible!!). I used to suffer from colitis badly all my life and I used to have diarrhea very often (now I know why) and I saw that also other things that I used to have problems with like junk food, meat are no problem anymore. I think they are not the best kind of foods but now I feel that my body can absorb them and process them completely with less waste and painful intestinal problems.

I’m so impressed. For me this is a completely new condition something that I always wanted to achieve and that seemed to be very complicated, now I know why. I realize it’s because of the system being poisoned. It’s as if somebody is putting poison in your coffee every morning and then imagining how it would be to feel good, it’s that condition. It’s impossible isn’t it? Just getting rid of the poisoning gave me so much strength and lucidity and vigour and ability to concentrate and lightness of my body. Muscles are softer and I wake up very beautifully in the morning with no pain, now I know why, it’s a very simple thing that before I could only achieve before with a strict diet and constant exercise. And this is just the beginning.

Thank you so so so so much!!!”

E. C.


My patient was a 17-year old boy who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. His parents were looking for alternatives as they didn’t want him to inject insulin for the rest of his life. They tried different diets in order to regulate the blood sugar level, etc. Then they heard about NAET and contacted me in May 2003. After a lot of testing we started on the basic nutrients. After the first treatment a rash he’d had completely disappeared and never returned. After the treatment for eggmix his craving for them (12 eggs a week) completely disappeared. After the treatment for sugar he did not need any insulin for that night. Gradually after 2 months his blood sugar level had come down more and more.

His mum told me that he would eat lots of mayonnaise (800g jar in 5 days) and he wanted to lose weight. After the basics I treated him for mayonnaise, the craving stopped, he felt more energetic and he is now gradually losing weight.

In July he went for his 3-monthly check-up at the hospital. They were very impressed and said whatever he was doing he should continue. His average blood sugar level was normal and he was down from 35 units a day to 11 units.

Once we had done various food items I then treated him for his own pancreas. From then on his blood sugar levels were so stable that for 3 weeks he didn’t need any insulin at all. During this time I continued to treat him for various things. The blood sugar level was monitored very, very closely and more often. After a meal the blood sugar level would go up a bit, but after 2 -4 hours it would regulate itself suggesting some reaction going on in the pancreas which “shouldn’t be possible”. His treatments are on-going. He is back on some insulin (max. 13 units a day instead of the 35 he needed before). He is feeling very good and strong and is now attending college.


In the spring of last year 2007 when I was first recommended to Gunilla by my partner Wendy it was just over 3 years since I had been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. In February 2004, I was carted into hospital on a drip having lost a lot of weight, rash on my chest, drinking litres of water each day and had reached the point of being incredibly weak. I was kept in hospital for over a week until I was fit enough to look after myself again.

The next phase of my recovery was the mastering of insulin use and how many and more importantly what carbohydrates to eat before I eventually got strong enough to get back to the gym to do some running, at which stage although not feeling great I believed I could not do much more. It was then that Wendy gave me the recommendation to go to Gunilla.

Upon my first visit last spring to Gunilla I remember her greeting me cheerily at the door while I warily thought, “What quackery do we do here then?” During my first assessment Gunilla described the goal of reducing the insulin I was taking through addressing what substances I did not react well to. As we created a list of items, much to my horror it appeared to become longer and longer, “that means ‘X’ number of visits by ‘Y’ number of pounds equals a fortune” I silently calculated. More importantly, the idea of reduced insulin use was a dream. This could not be done for me.

So to the treatments I have been doing since. To begin with I reacted not so great but I then noticed around the third or fourth visit an energy surge and I had my first sense of increased vitality. To start with the surges of energy did not last so long but as time went by they got longer and I felt better and better. My life improved with the first noticeable difference being that my daily early evening sleep for anything between fifteen minutes and two hours was no longer required. I started to go to London for shopping and to see football matches that previously would have been very tiring if not impossible. Most importantly, Wendy has gone from complaining before my treatments about the lack of activity in the bedroom to now protesting at the reverse.

This adds up to my eternal thanks to Gunilla, whose original goal of improved health with reduced insulin use is now bearing fruit, as the number of units I require has just these last couple of weeks started to drop and I now can also believe and share in the same target idea. It is this that demonstrates to me how much my health has improved and I look forward to progressing further over the coming months and getting healthier and stronger. I will endeavour to update at a later date.

Much love, and many thanks again to Gunilla my favourite practitioner.

To be continued…

G. M.

Food Allergies

“Just to let you know that since I have been coming to you for my allergy testing, each time I have been feeling better and better.

I have been to numerous health practitioners over the years but none of them were able to spot that I was allergic to most foods and vitamins. I figured I must have been allergic to about 90% of the food I ate, no wonder I was having a terrible time.

I feel my health gradually improving with all the help you have given me in the sessions so far. Mentally I feel more stable and calm. I don’t feel irritated or annoyed all the time now. I feel for the first time in 20 years that I’m really absorbing my food, and my body feels nourished too.

My fatigue and tiredness has lessened dramatically.

Thank you for all your help.

Best wishes,”


Hayfever and Cat allergy

“I would like to thank Gunilla for the wonderful allergy treatments she gave me this summer. I went to Gunilla as I suffer quite severely from hayfever and even more badly from an allergy to cats. With each treatment I could feel myself changing and getting stronger and stronger until I felt years younger and full of energy and life again. I have tried many different treatments to help my condition and had to eventually accept that I would always have to use medication when the symptoms became severe at different times of the year. Of course, I couldn’t have any animals around the house which upset my children as they were growing up.

I feel completely different and was amazed at all the different basic foods and particles that could affect one in the environment. The treatments are totally painless and given with such care and interest from Gunilla you really feel like you are on an adventure to understand more about your body and what is affecting it. I would recommend anyone be tested on this therapy as I know 100% that it would help with the difficulties they experience having allergies of one kind or another.

I would like to thank Gunilla very much for delivering this so much needed therapy in the UK.

Lots of love,”

A. L.


“I had used homeopathic remedies in the past for various things and thought ok I guess but continued to use them as I didn’t want to take drugs. These remedies were picked off the shelf from Boots or other such places.

I never got the power of their use.

On Sunday I was hit all of a sudden with the flu and took to my bed. I called Gunilla and she asked what was happening and gave me a tiny pill. I took this and within 20 minutes I wasn’t feeling as achy and felt better in myself. The next day I took another one of these pills and that was me sorted out and feeling great. A flu which would normally take a week to go away and maybe not fully was handled in 2 days by homeopathy and a wonderful practitioner.

No drugs or anything of the sort and it works wonders.

Thanks Gunilla”


Hi Gunilla,

“Just a quick note to tell you how grateful I am for your help, your patience, your understanting and sensibility.

Your are very committed and devoted to your job and you do it very fantastic with your heart and common sense.

You are always cheerful and it is a pleasure to do your fantastic allergy treatments.

I will miss you when we will be done !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could have tell even more (or better) if I would have write my thoughts in french…


Thanks for who you are and what you bring to society!

Much love”


Swollen Finger

“I had the most amazing thing happen to me when I went to see my practitioner with a swollen finger which was breaking out.

Gunilla tested certain things to see what was causing this problem as it had been recurring over recent weeks.

She asked certain questions and the body gave the answers, and we discovered I was allergic to the soap I was using and also to my shower curtain. Of all the things you would think of the shower curtain would be the last thing.

I then realized that people get rashes and skin problems all the time and go to the doctor who will give them a cream to ‘take it away’ but usually find that it comes back again somehow. It’s because the real reason is not being addressed and when it is it can be handled, drug free.

This is amazing and I never experienced anything like that in my life!

Thanks Gunilla”

L. O.

Metabolic Typing Diet

“Hi Gunilla,

I just want to let you know how impressed I am about the metabolic type nutritional programme. It is what I was looking for years………………… A diet which exactly fits to MY body’s needs.

I always knew I have to eat meat and I have now the confirmation as my metabolic type is balanced and the fantastic thing is that I know exactly which proportion.

Before, I was eating more vegetables than meat and now that I take the right percentage of meat (40 %) and only 35 % of carbohydrates, I feel much better than before, much more fullfilled, more happy with the food.

Also, I don’t have cravings anymore for chocolate, cakes or ice-creams as I really enjoy my food: it makes my body and my mind happy and I am not looking for any other food like desserts or else.

The first things I have noticed after only a few “proper” meals, is that my body temperature increased. Before, I was always cold, and now I am surprised myself that I could open the window in the car or take off one of my jumpers as others don’t seem to be too hot.

Also, my kidneys which were always weak each time, Gunilla checked them were very ok last time she checked them.

I also lost weight and experienced that, in my case, fruits make me gain more fat than the fat itself and I enjoy to put large amount of fat in my food : creme fraiche, butter, olive oil or coconut fat.

I look much younger than before and my body is not heavy anymore, I am free of pain and feel light and fantastic.

I really have the feeling, my body found AT LAST, the right balance.

I read so much about nutrition, always trying a new diet to be more healthy. I am happy that I found now what I was looking for, no more wasting time in researches and investigations!

I started this nutritional programme 2 weeks ago only, so, I am sure I will have even more wins in the future.

I have done before (and I am nearly done) some treatments with Gunilla for food intolerance and I think that, together with the metabolic type programme, it is really powerful.

Thanks to Gunilla and don’t hesitate to share my wins with others.”



Digestive Problems – Bloatedness

For the past 6 years my body had completely changed and started operating differently to when I was younger. Now I know as one gets older its generally agreed that things slow down and one is more likely to put on weight. Let me explain more and paint a clear picture. For as long as I can remember I have never ever been over weight, In fact I was always too skinny according to most people. I hit 27 and everything expanded, The thing is I was fit and toned but I looked like I had been inflated. I tried everything, Gym, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Massage, Acupuncture, Steam Rooms, Taking Clay, Liver Cleanse, Detox, Cutting out things, nothing was stopping this bloating and the weight was not coming off! Also whenever I got my period I was so sensitive that even if someone gave me a light friendly slap on the arm I would be in tears from pain and my whole body would be so sensitive that even putting on my underwear was sore! No one close to me could understand what was going on. I would eat things and break out in rashes, I couldn’t sleep for days I could literally feel my whole body and my organs working from adrenaline only, I was in overdrive mode always and felt awful physically. I finally found Gunilla and she started treating the many intolerances I had, Each week I would handle something and here is a brief outline of what’s happened

I have gone down almost 2 sizes

No more rashes from food I eat

I have been eating chocolate and junk for the past 2 weeks and I am not putting on weight (I don’t recommend eating junk and I know Gunilla doesn’t want me eating junk either) but I just want you to understand that my body is back to what it was and even though I eat all this junk it doesn’t affect me like it did before I handled everything with Gunilla.

My skin is flawless

I sleep well

More energy


No more period pains or body swelling before period (AMAZING)

Not bloated

No more constipation

More Agile

No sugar cravings

Not Hungry as often

Skin Brighter

Eyes Brighter

No spots before period

Gunilla is the best professional I have ever been to for health issues. I don’t consult anyone else about anything anymore, I completely trust her with my life, If she recommends something I will do it without a second thought – I am not one to do that usually. Gunilla has proved time and time again to me that the application of her methods to handle health problems are absolutely amazingly accurate! It is a very gradual precise method and I wouldn’t go anywhere else and if I needed to I would make sure Gunilla approved. You get 100% impartial advise from her too with no pressure! I did go off track a few times and she gently guided me back on track and assured me that little by little we keep going and I will be fine! And I was!

We need more like her this planet would be a very healthy place!

Thank you Gunilla you ROCK!


Digestive Problems – Blood in Stool

Dear Gunilla,

I really want to thank you for all your knowledge and help with handling my on-going problem!

I am so amazed and still actually blown away that my symptoms have completely changed for the better.

I honestly didn’t think it would be such an instant handling as I had been living with this problem

for so long.

I feel that it is such an acknowledgment to myself also as I decided to take matters into my own hands

and by doing so was also to know that what I thought created me a problem diet wise actually was!

I cannot tell you how much energy I have got it is amazing! Last night I was still up at midnight writing

an e mail! That would never have happened a few weeks back, I think my husband is amazed too as I’m

normally a zombie by 9!

The other funny thing is I am having practically no cravings either. I might fancy something but can easily

forget about it too.

Anyway, thank You Gunilla for everything. I think you are amazing and I am so happy and delighted with my

results so far.

Lots of love