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A patient of mine had been on Ritalin for a long time. His psychiatrist didn’t want to give him anymore and he was desperate as he couldn’t concentrate or sleep for all the noises in his head. On muscle testing his arm was trembling markedly. He said he was irritable at work, shouting at his employees. He also had stomach problems and general aches in his joints. He looked quite tense and agitated when I first saw him.

After the first treatment he felt better but was suspicious whether he was imagining it or not so he didn’t tell me about it. However, he somehow knew that NAET could help him and he kept coming to my office several times a week. After several treatments he revealed that the noises in his head had long since stopped, but he didn’t want to say in case it wouldn’t last. But it did and has done so ever since.

He is now convinced that his ADHD has gone for good. No more medication needed! His sleep has greatly improved, he is much calmer towards other people and generally comes across as a very happy person. The trembling has stopped completely. As a side effect his stomach troubles are gone too and he is now sending his whole family for treatment as he wants them to benefit too. He said “Now that my ADHD is gone I can kick ass in my business.” with a big grin on his face.

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