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“Since seeing my homeopathic doctor I have seen a marked improvement with my asthma.

I have been treated for various things inclucing intolerances to certain food and food types. I have cut out dairy from my diet and started drinking things like rice milk. Who would have considered drinking rice milk?

All this and being treated for Vitamin A, sugar, B-complex, protein, wheat, etc. have all contributed to me not being bothered about my asthma and finding my chest to be normal.

I have never had a normal chest since I was 6 months old and I am now 34.

But by handling food, etc. that my body didn’t like I have a normal breathing rate and no pain at all. This is something that would be a daily problem for me. Not anymore.

This is fantastic stuff and I strongly suggest anyone who wants to deal with their asthma for real or other such things see a homeopathic doctor, preferably one who is also a naturopath.

Thanks Gunilla for changing my life.”

Lynne Ott

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