Cat & Dog Allergy

December 4th, 2007 by
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A student came to me presenting with an allergy to cat & dog hair. After testing we found it was not only the hair but also the epithelia (dead skin cells) of the animal.

Whenever she would come home from university the dog in her parents’ house would cause a skin rash and when she went to her boyfriend’s house his cat would give her an asthma attack.

So I treated her for the basics and then for animal dander and epithelia. For 25 hours she stayed at a place that was completely pet free and on her return to her parents played with the dog. No skin rash! The next day she went to her boyfriend’s house and played for 2 hours with the cat. Her boyfriend watching this commented: “By now you would be dead.” No asthma attack and within 24 hours she only had to blow her nose twice and there was a slight pressure on her chest. When she came back to me I found that the treatment had not hold a 100%, and that was the reason that she had to blow her nose. So we did another treatment and after the 25 hour avoidance there was no problem whatsoever with the cat.

She went back to university a very happy person.

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