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“When I first did the treatment for Vitamin C I could see just the day after that all the reactions usually occuring after drinking orange juice or taking Vitamin C tablets were gone. I used to feel those reactions immediately in my tummy the very moment I took the Vitamin C in my mouth and it was common to go to the toilet after 30 minutes or less with bad consequences.

After I did the calcium treatment I was amazed to see the difference between a poisoned body and one that isn’t. My energy levels increased so much!! I became free of some kind of inability to breath deeply and this has brought me so much more efficiency and clarity of mind – it’s a completely new condition. I used to feel like that only on very rare occasions and was always unstable (now I know why) plus now I can drink milk (incredible!!). I used to suffer from colitis badly all my life and I used to have diarrhoea very often (now I know why) and I saw that also other things that I used to have problems with like junk food, meat are no problem anymore. I think they are not the best kind of foods but now I feel that my body can absorb them and process them completely with less waste and painful intestinal problems.

I’m so impressed. For me this is a completely new condition something that I always wanted to achieve and that seemed to be very complicated, now I know why. I realize it’s because of the system being poisoned. It’s as if somebody is putting poison in your coffee every morning and then imagining how it would be to feel good, it’s that condition. It’s impossible isn’t it? Just getting rid of the poisoning gave me so much strength and lucidity und vigour and ability to concentrate and lightness of my body. Muscles are softer and I wake up very beautifully in the morning with no pain, now I know why, it’s a very simple thing that before I could only achieve before with a strict diet and constant exercise. And this is just the beginning.

Thank you so so so so much!!!”

Emanuele Crescentini

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