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“I had used homeopathic remedies in the past for various things and thought ok I guess but continued to use them as I didn’t want to take drugs. These remedies were picked off the shelf from Boots or other such places.

I never got the power of their use.

On Sunday I was hit all of a sudden with the flu and took to my bed. I called Gunilla and she asked what was happening and gave me a tiny pill. I took this and within 20 minutes I wasn’t feeling as achy and felt better in myself. The next day I took another one of these pills and that was me sorted out and feeling great. A flu which would normally take a week to go away and maybe not fully was handled in 2 days by homeopathy and a wonderful practitioner.

No drugs or anything of the sort and it works wonders.

Thanks Gunilla”

Lynne Ott

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