Metabolic Typing Diet

December 4th, 2007 by
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“Hi Gunilla,

I just want to let you know how impressed I am about the metabolic type nutritional programme. It is what I was looking for years………………… A diet which exactly fits to MY body’s needs.

I always knew I have to eat meat and I have now the confirmation as my metabolic type is balanced and the fantastic thing is that I know exactly which proportion.

Before, I was eating more vegetables than meat and now that I take the right percentage of meat (40 %) and only 35 % of carbohydrates, I feel much better than before, much more fullfilled, more happy with the food.

Also, I don’t have cravings anymore for chocolate, cakes or ice-creams as I really enjoy my food: it makes my body and my mind happy and I am not looking for any other food like desserts or else.

The first things I have noticed after only a few “proper” meals, is that my body temperature increased. Before, I was always cold, and now I am surprised myself that I could open the window in the car or take off one of my jumpers as others don’t seem to be too hot.

Also, my kidneys which were always weak each time, Gunilla checked them were very ok last time she checked them.

I also lost weight and experienced that, in my case, fruits make me gain more fat than the fat itself and I enjoy to put large amount of fat in my food : creme fraiche, butter, olive oil or coconut fat.

I look much younger than before and my body is not heavy anymore, I am free of pain and feel light and fantastic.

I really have the feeling, my body found AT LAST, the right balance.

I read so much about nutrition, always trying a new diet to be more healthy. I am happy that I found now what I was looking for, no more wasting time in researches and investigations!

I started this nutritional programme 2 weeks ago only, so, I am sure I will have even more wins in the future.

I have done before (and I am nearly done) some treatments with Gunilla for food intolerance and I think that, together with the metabolic type programme, it is really powerful.

Thanks to Gunilla and don’t hesitate to share my wins with others.”


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